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The Soul Food Company is proud to be based out of Karachi, Pakistan. We grow & source herbal, natural & organic foods & beauty products and bring them right to your doorstep.

As far as our story is concerned; it had an awry beginning as I'm ashamed to admit that it began as a "bet".

A Bet made to spite a disbelieving friend.

I remember watching a documentary on climate change & the corporate culture of big food chains in the world and enthusiastically mentioning to that friend one day that I would like to introduce orangic and farm fresh products with eco sustainable packaging in Pakistan.

My friend laughed hysterically:

In Pakistan! Have you lost your mind. So many developed countries havn't been able to do this yet and you want to introduce a healthy living lifestyle in Pakistan.
You will never be able to do it... we Pakistani's can never change..."

Needless to say; I took that as a challenge & we set a bet.

That day on my way home; I kept thinking that I've made such a foolish bet.

Maybe my friend is right.

Perhaps we Pakistani's cannot change; our culture is already so steeped in tradition and our food is already so rich & perfect! My friends words echoed in my head:

"This is mission impossible."

That night; I kept thinking about all those pitfalls which I might face and the fact that it is not easy to change.

The only hope that was on my side was that the world is changing. There is an overriding trend in many countries in the world that have realised that organic and farm fresh food is the way to move forward.

People are shying away from products bought through big block chains and corporations and are now buying locally; not only to support the hard-working local farmers in their local community but to improve their health and ultimately their lifestyle.

I had nothing but my trust in God, a burning desire that I wanted to prove my friend wrong and that I want to be at the forefront of this initiative here in Pakistan.

The next day - The Soul Food Company was born & I'm proud to say by the grace of God, I have not looked back!

What began as a small initiative of supplying to select niche shops, hotels and restaurants in karachi has now grown much larger and now we are offering our natural & organic products to the public at large.

Right Now, we are far from achieving what we had first set out to achieve. I hope you can join us on our mission to build and spread awareness of healthy & eco-sustainable living in Pakistan.

Sameer Leghari


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