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Looking for a healthy start to your day? Or something savory to snack on during the day? Granola makes an excellent choice!

Start your morning in a healthy & nutritious way by taking granola for breakfast or then as a perfect on the go snack. You can also mix it in oatmeal or delicious baked treats! Another popular way is to top it with yogurt and fresh fruits! The Seeds, nuts, oats and almonds in granola make it rich in protein and fiber and is guaranteed to keep you full and satiated throughout the day; which is why it makes an excellent weight loss aid and can complement with a variety of diet plans.

Our original recipe Granola is a toasted mixture of rolled oats, wheat porridge, almonds, peanuts, melon seeds, flax seed, black current, vanilla essence and is naturally sweetened with honey. This product contains natural ingredients; it is preservative and chemical free.

Granola has been a popular choice for fitness enthusiasts, office goers and or anybody with a busy schedule as it’s an easy on the go snack and provides energy and protein during endurance activities and can aid in your weight loss efforts.

It is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins that may help improve your diet and overall health as mentioned below.

Quick Facts About Granola

  • Improves blood pressure: Flax seeds and melon seed can help improve heart health and stabilize blood pressure.
  • Reduces cholesterol levels: Oats are a good source of beta glucan, which is a type of fibre that helps to reduce levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and may help in reducing risk of heart disease.
  • Reduces blood sugar: Whole grains, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds in granola can stabilize blood sugar levels, making it an effective snack for people with obesity or diabetes.
  • Improves gut health: Granola has a substantial amount of fiber which really helps with gut health and increase levels of healthy gut bacteria, compared to refined breakfast cereals.
  • Provide many antioxidants: Ingredients such as melon seeds, flax seeds, and nuts are good sources of inflammation-fighting anti-oxidants like gallic acid, quercetin, selenium and vitamin E.

How to use it?

Have Granola with milk and make it a cereal substitute or take about a handful in a bowl and add in yogurt / greek yogurt / milk and add in fresh fruits on top to make a delicious and nutritious meal/snack.

You can also add it on to baked treats or on oatmeal to pack on the nutrition or simply snack on a handful of granola a day!

Reviews (47)

47 reviews for Granola

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  1. HQ

    Hina Qureshi (verified owner)

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  2. SJ

    Sana Jan (verified owner)

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  3. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Although it was tasty but it felt a little dry for me.

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  4. AJ

    Ayesha Javaid (verified owner)

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  5. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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  6. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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  7. H

    Haris (verified owner)

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  8. NA

    Nadia Azhar Khan (verified owner)

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  9. FU

    Farhat Umar (verified owner)

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  10. MS

    maleeha siddiqui (verified owner)

    Wish it was ant-proof and fortified with Vitamins.

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  11. U

    Umar (verified owner)

    Granola was also so good besides museli…Extremely filling…happy to had this

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  12. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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  13. SS

    Sohnia Salman (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

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  14. MN

    Muhammad Nauman (verified owner)

    everything was fresh and aromatic.

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  15. KR

    Kanwal Rehman (verified owner)

    Super sy bhi upper <3

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  16. SA

    Sabeeh Arshad (verified owner)

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  17. MR

    maqsood Rahi (verified owner)

    Ii used it for my breakfast with cereals and porridge.It is source of vitamins and i recommend it for children as well as elder persons for improvement of health.

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  18. FM

    Fariha Majeed (verified owner)

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  19. AA

    Aliza Asif (verified owner)

    Excellent quality, Excellent service,and Excellent job

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  20. SM

    Shameen Munir (verified owner)

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  21. N

    Najam (verified owner)

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  22. KM

    Khan Mujeeb (verified owner)

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  23. SM

    Sarim Mir – (verified owner)

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  24. SW

    Saiqa Waseem (verified owner)

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  25. LC

    Lt Col Shamama Hasan Raja (verified owner)

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  26. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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  27. FH

    faiza hassaan (verified owner)

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  28. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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  29. JM

    Jazeela M. (verified owner)

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  30. N

    Najam (verified owner)

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  31. SW

    Sidra Waleed (verified owner)

    Amazing product,tasty ,crunchy nd full of nutrition. Strongly recommend. Shud always buy our own products rather than expansive imported ones which r not that fresh than the local ones. Soul foods doing superb job👍

    (1) (1)
  32. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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  33. TF

    Tabassum F. (verified owner)

    The granola is absolutely delicious!

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  34. TF

    Tahira F. (verified owner)

    Double plus for granola . Healthy and yummiest .keep up the good work

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  35. HA

    Hafsa Amin (verified owner)

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  36. SI

    Sheherbano irshad (verified owner)

    The granola tastes great, whether in yogurt or as a snack. Perfect amount of sweetness.

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  37. NF

    Nida F. (verified owner)

    It’s delicious. Top up my oats for breakfast daily! Really good crunch and taste!

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  38. UA

    Uzma Ahmed (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service, very receptive team, eager to improve product, I have become a regular customer now

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  39. UR

    Uzma Rana (verified owner)

    I have it over my yogurt , and it keeps my stomach regular.

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  40. AA

    Alvina A. (verified owner)

    A healthy breakfast item. and delicious too!

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  41. MA

    Mrs Ansari (verified owner)

    Thanks sameer I always amazed yours efforts ,very nice crunchy taste of this Granola’s, I want two more pack’s, keep it up.

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  42. M

    Mariam (verified owner)

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  43. KA

    Kashif Ahmad (verified owner)

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  44. M

    Mumtaz (verified owner)


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  45. Y

    Yahya (verified owner)

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  46. ZA

    Zubair A. (verified owner)