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Premium Dussehri Mangoes

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  • Carbide Free
  • Natural Produce Straight From The Farm
  • Premium Export Quality
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Prepare to be amazed by the exceptional Dussehri Mango! This incredible variety, with a mother tree over 200 years old, still produces fruit every alternate year.

Its sweetness, juicy pulp, and captivating aroma are even better than the famous Indian Alphonso Mango. A beloved tradition in Northern India and Pakistan, the Dussehri Mango is a must-try for any mango lover.

Our premium Dussehri Mangoes from Pakistan offer the ultimate in mango excellence. Grown in the pristine southern Punjab region, our mangoes are of the highest quality, have unbeatable flavor, and meet export standards. .

These, mangoes are carbide-free; carefully hand-picked, sorted, graded & only the best pieces are packed and delivered right to your doorstep for an absolutely delightful experience. 

What is CARBIDE & Why It May Be Harmful?

Calcium Carbide is a chemical used by locals in mango farms that help ripen the mango fruit quickly & prematurely. It certainly can make mangos look more vibrant and appealing but can prove hazardous to your health. Carbide traces in mangoes, may cause headache, dizziness, mood disturbances, sleepiness, mental confusion, memory loss, cerebral edema and seizures. Therefore it may be better to consume mangos that are carbide free to keep healthy in the longer term.

Quick Facts About Premium Dussehri Mangos

  • May Improve Heart Health: Dussehri Mangoes contain pectin, a soluble fibre that may help lower cholesterol levels. Low sodium levels, coupled with decent amounts of potassium and B vitamins in mango may improve the heart profile.
  • May Improve Immune Function: Studies show that vitamin C is essential to boosting your immune function; about a whopping 76% of your vitamin C daily intake comes from a mango. Mangoes help boost a healthy immune system and may ward off illness and infection.
  • May Strengthen Bones: Dussehri Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin K. Vitamin K deficiency may be linked to lower bone density and risk of fractures. Did you know that a cup of cut mangoes meets 9% of your daily needs for vitamin K?

How To Use

As these Premium Dussehri Mangoes are carbide-free, they need to be put in a (warm place) for 2 to 3 days until the ripen before consumption.

A great way to check if the mango is ripe is to press on it gently; if a dent forms on the mango skin, it means they are ready to eat.

You may cut your Dussehri mango into slices and enjoy it like this, or add it to other fresh fruits such as kiwi, peaches, etc., and make it a healthy fruit salad!

It also gives a great taste and flavor when you make it in healthy smoothie recipes or fulfilling milkshakes. You can even jazz it up to create a savory or sweet chutney or dip. There are many recipes available online!

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