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Lavender Essential Oil

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Product Details for Lavender Essential Oil:

Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Size: 10 ml
Grade: Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil
Aroma: Sweet, Dry, and Herbaceous-floral
Blends Well with: Bergamot, black pepper, cedarwood, chamomile, clary sage, clove, cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, grapefruit, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, mandarin, marjoram, oakmoss, neroli, patchouli, peppermint, pine, rose, rosemary, tea tree, thyme.


Lavender essential oil is the most popularly used essential oil in the world, due to its antioxidant, anti-bacterial, calming and anti-depressant properties.

Over history it has been used by many ancient civilizations as a form of anti-bacterial and a herb for preservation and freshening the air.

This wonder oil has been linked to heal burns and wounds, increase sleep, reduce anxiety and emotional instability, reduce headaches, improve skin complexion and help with acne, to protect against diabetes symptoms and support brain function.

Quick Facts About Lavender Essential Oil

Anti-oxidant properties – Studies have shown that lavender oil helps to increase the production of hormones glutathione, catalase and SOD. The oil stimulates the growth of antioxidants that fight disease.
Naturally treats diabetes- Diffusing or applying lavender essential oil can help reduce symptoms of diabetes.
Enhances mood and reduces anxiety- Studies show that diffusing lavender oil or applying a little behind the ears reduces stress levels helps with anxiety, reduces stress levels and help with PTSD patients.
Helps with Alzheimer’s- Not only does lavender oil uplift the mood and fights off anxiety it also helps with alzheimer’s disease and improves brain function doe to its anti-oxidant abilities.
Heals wounds- Studies indicate that lavender oil has the ability to speed up the healing of wounds, cuts, scrapes etc. This is primarily due to the fact that it contains anti-microbial properties.
Promotes healthy skin and hair- Lavender oil contains ant- oxidant, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which work great for the skin once it is mixed with a carrier oil.
Relieves headaches and pains- When lavender oil is inhaled or applied on to affected area it can help with reducing pain associated with that area.
Cancer therapy – A variety of experiments and cases have shown that aroma therapy with lavender oil helps in coping of patients with cancer by enhancing their mood. It helps them to battle stress, depression and sleep deprivation.

How to use Lavender Essential Oil


  • Pains and headaches: You can rub 3-5 drops of the oil in affected area or you can inhale lavender oil straight from the bottle if you have a headache.
  • Relaxation and sleep: Rub 3 to 5 drops on neck, temples or behind the ears for relaxation. Or you can use lavender oil as aroma therapy and put it in diffuser so that fumes spread in the air and induce relaxation.
  • Skin and Hair: Mix ratio of 3 to 5 drops in half a teaspoon of carrier oil and massage in on scalp or skin as needed.
  • Mood Enhancement: Diffuse 5 drops of the oil into a diffuser and let the fumes spread in a room and spread calmness.
  • Ailments: Do not ingest the oil in any circumstance. Apply a few drops in a carrier oil of your choice ( coconut /almond etc) and massage into body such as stomach and/or affected area.


Please consult doctor before use if using for medicinal purposes.

Use of essential oils on children and pregnant women needs to be consulted by a physician.

Use essential oils topically only, preferably diluted with a carrier oil or advised by a practitioner. Do a patch test( by applying only a small drop of oil on skin) before using oil to check if you are allergic. In case you are allergic discontinue use of the oil immediately.

Lavender oil is only meant for topical use. Avoid ingesting it as it can result in side effects like digestive issues, hives or dizziness.

Do not drink or ingest the oil or expose very close to the eyes. Keep away from flames or direct exposure to fire as this is a flammable substance.

Keep away from children’s reach.

Store in a cool and dry place/ away from sunlight.

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17 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil

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    Muhammad Naeem (verified owner)

    It really helped to have a calm and sound sleep.

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    Saeed umar Awan (verified owner)

    It is an excellent addition to your essential oils collection. It is perfect for using in organic skin care products.

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    It is good but expensive.

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    Lavender oil is recommendable for everyone out there who have trouble sleeping at night, it really helped me 💖💖

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    The product was great. Thanks

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    Very good. Quick delivery. Thank you.

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